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Living together for peace and in peace!!! 

Enabling Islamic Religious Life in Frankfurt (Oder)

Preparation and design of common celebrations

Intercultural and interreligious cooperation and dialogue

Communication with state and civil society actors in the field of migration, integration and asylum

Promotion of language skills

Religious care for children, adolescents, adults and seniors

further developments


Model: The club is party politically unbound. The "Muslims on the Oder" are open to anyone of all nationalities, ethnic groups, skin color or language community. The association sees itself as representing all Muslims in Frankfurt (Oder), regardless of denomination, law school or current. The work of the association promotes the free-democratic basic order in the Federal Republic of Germany. The association works against all forms of extremism, especially of religious and xenophobic nature. The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes.

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Account information:

DE 21 1705 5050 1101 4964 16
Muslims on the Oder e. V.


Sparkasse Oder-Spree

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